3 Top Tips for Piggybacking Events

National PR campaigns traditionally garner a large amount of interest and publicity, bringing together all regions with a common cause. This is why Macdonald Hotels & Resorts wanted to launch a national campaign that involved all of its 24 UK spa hotels, allowing the ethos of the group to come across and create a ‘buzz’ around the brand. As Macdonald Hotels & Resorts joins in Spa Break’s  nationwide ‘Massage-a-thon’ in support of Women’s Wellness Week , we share our three top tips on getting your brand involved in a national event.


  1. Find a cause that aligns with your brand message

Every brand has a set of values. The best causes to promote are those that have a wider relevance in the community – for instance, Women’s Wellness Week encourages women across the country to take a moment to put themselves first and do something they enjoy. By allocating this time to relax, women can improve their overall wellness in all areas of their lives. This is in keeping with Macdonald Hotels & Resorts’ aim of improving the wellbeing of the country by advocating the health and wellness benefits that can be gained from spas.

  1. Do something that’s never been done before

To grab the attention of the press and the public, your event should be something unusual or seemingly impossible. The ‘biggest ever’ or ‘oldest ever’ stories usually impress – why not bake the biggest ever biscuit, or create the longest ever bridal train for a wedding fair? Macdonald Hotels & Resorts is joining in the world’s largest ever massage event, the ‘Massage-a-thon’, which sees each of its 24 nationwide spa hotels give a free hour-long massage to guests.

  1. Make sure everyone can get involved

As impressive as your story is, the nation won’t be too fussed about it unless they can join in too. The easiest way to do this is through social media. We all love to have our say, so invite users to share their thoughts for a prize. For example, we have previously run a campaign asking users to tell us their favourite workout song. There were some good suggestions and strange revelations, but the main point is that it got people talking! Use a unique hashtag so people can follow the conversation and make sure you keep your brand’s messages in mind. During #We11nesshour, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts is inviting users to nominate the special woman in their life who is most deserving of a spa experience and why.