6 Tips for a Successful Event

Launching a new product into a market is exciting. The press always love a new product, however in today’s competitive and saturated market, it can be challenging.  One way of grabbing their attention and generating instant press coverage is a launch party. Here are six tips on how to create a successful event:

1.       Planning

Plan your event, three or four months in advance and start by setting objectives and clear goals which you will use for your planning process. Outline a plan which includes the date, time, location, wish list of guests and a theme which reflects the brand’s core values. For example, if your beauty product contains blueberry and citrus, and has a summer feel, create cocktails using the ingredients and fill the room with bright colours, flowers or choose an outdoor venue.

2.       Guest List

Put together a list of key media you would like to invite and ask them asap to pencil in the date in their diaries. Always invite and accept numbers that are higher than your allocated amount as people will drop out last minute. Consider bringing in experts to support your launch and give your guests additional material for their media outlets.

3.       Location

A desirable venue will always attract journalists and influencers, especially if it is new.  Select a venue that is within walking distance from most offices or centrally located. For venues outside of town, always budget taxis within your plan as this will help with attendance and will make sure the event will run on time. Make sure the venue is in keeping with your brand. For an aromatherapy client, we arranged an early evening aromatherapy workshop in the orangery of an upmarket London garden centre.  This provided the perfect backdrop with beautiful flowers in situ.

4.       Budget

Keep an excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of all costs. Start it before the event and use it to allocate your budget for the venue, flowers, drinks, catering, taxi’s etc.

5.       Confirm Attendance

Make sure the invitation stands out and is presented in a way that makes your guests want to attend. If there is time, post a printed version as well as an email one.  The bigger the invitation, generally the more impact it has!  Call your guests to advise the invitation is on its way and then follow up to confirm attendance. Continue to send gentle reminders on the days leading up to the event.

6.       Create a Hashtag

Social media is now an important part of every event. Make sure you capture the social media handles of your guests and liaise with them through your platform’s pre, on and post event. Always include a hashtag to encourage engagement.