Celebrating 20 Years of Spa PR


Tracey Stapleton
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Celebrating 20 Years of Spa PR


2024 marks a monumental milestone for The Spa PR Company: two decades of dedicated service to the ever-evolving spa and wellness industry. In 2004, amidst the flourishing UK spa scene, our company emerged, founded by a passion for holistic health and a keen eye for an unmet need. Recognising the growing demand for effective communication within the industry, The Spa PR Company set out to bridge the gap between spa operators and its target audiences including the media.

Pioneering a Path to Wellness

Led by insightful research and fueled by genuine passion, the company quickly gained traction. Sarah Camilleri, Jo Foley, and Adriaane Pielou, leading spa journalists of the time (and still today), were consulted with for guidance and saw the agency’s potential. As the first agency in the UK to specialise in spa PR, The Spa PR Company attracted its first clients including Finders Heath and Titanic Spa, the latter we are proud to say continues to be a client of some 19 years with many other client relationships 10 years plus.

Building Lasting Relationships

Over the years, we have cultivated trust and understanding not only with our clients but also with media, influencers, industry VIPs and brand partners. This dedication to nurturing relationships has translated into consistent growth, even weathering the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic when we were pleased to retain all our staff.

Weaving Narratives that Capture the Essence of our Clients’ Brands

But the heart of The Spa PR Company’s journey lies not just in its vision, but in the many dedicated individuals who have helped bring it to life. Our team past and present has comprised passionate professionals and their combined expertise, coupled with an unwavering commitment to client success, has been the driving force behind our achievements. Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless examples of their individual talent and dedication, from securing coveted media placements to crafting targeted campaigns that resonate with audiences. They are the true storytellers, weaving narratives that capture the essence of our clients’ brands and connect them with the world.

The Ingredients for Success

Reflecting on the journey, I attribute our success to several key factors:

  1. Identifying a growing niche: Recognising the growth of the spa market and seizing the opportunity.
  2. Building a passionate team: Assembling individuals with expertise and genuine enthusiasm for the industry.
  3. Strategic planning and organisation: Maintaining a structured approach to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Client-centric focus: Setting and achieving weekly targets that deliver tangible results.
  5. Continually Evolving: Never standing still we work with the ever changing industry and PR landscape with our eyes firmly ahead.
  6. Financial prudence: Prioritising a healthy cash flow for stable operations.
  7. A love for the industry: Possessing a genuine passion that fuels dedication and innovation.

Our Vision for the Future

As the spa and wellness industry continues its upward trajectory, predicted to reach a staggering $6.6 trillion in 2024, we see communication playing an even more pivotal role.  We anticipate:

  1. Enhanced communication strategies: PR playing an even more important role in the marketing mix to help spa and wellness brands differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.
  2. Strategic media outreach: Leveraging the most relevant and respected media which will continue to be instrumental in shaping opinion and driving word-of-mouth.
  3. Evolving influencer partnerships: We’re seeing some shake-up in the influencer space as brands understandably seek more measurable results in their collaborations.

We believe The Spa PR Company’s success story extends beyond its own achievements. It embodies the transformative power of the spa and wellness industry, fostering holistic well-being and building enduring connections. As we embark on our next chapter, our commitment to innovation and collaboration promises to continue shaping the future of spa and wellness communications.

Thank you for being part of our journey so far.





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