Cheers to Skinny Prosecco

Revelling in the naughty side of healthy, Moddershall Oaks the five star Country Spa Retreat in the heart of rural Staffordshire is celebrating Healthy Hedonism with its new collaboration with Skinny Prosecco, the world’s first low sugar Prosecco. Aiming to help its guests on their pursuit to pleasure and happiness, Moddershall Oaks launches its Healthy Hedonism Spa Day and Spa Break packages that perfectly marry the wholesome attributes of wellness with the decadent side of indulgence.


Putting the ‘good stuff’ in without taking the ‘bad stuff’ out, there is no danger of ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) with the Healthy Hedonism Spa Day or Break at Moddershall Oaks. Recognising the importance of true relaxation and indulgence, Moddershall Oaks is encouraging its guests to enjoy life in every way that works for their mind, body and soul, whether that is deep in the midst of a relaxing treatment or immersed in a glass or two of fizz.

The limited edition Healthy Hedonism packages have been designed exclusively in collaboration with Skinny Prosecco an organic, vegan Prosecco made with 100% Glera Grapes.  Skinny Prosecco contains only 7g of sugar per litre compared to 12-15g sugar per litre found in traditional Prosecco without compromising on taste.


Upon arrival, guests can awaken their senses with the refreshing bubbles from a glass of Skinny Prosecco before slipping on a fluffy robe and slippers and exploring the state-of-the-art al fresco facilities. A wholesome, satisfying, nutrient-rich and naturally sweet Banana Superfood Smoothie Bowl follows. The healthy, plant-based snack made with banana, naturally sourced Greek yoghurt, linseed and goji berries tantalises the taste buds for the day ahead.


Guests can take time to relax in the comfort of the loungers as the warmth and stunning countryside ambiance of Moddershall Oaks’ serene private woodland location takes hold. A virtuous treatment harnessing the power of mouth-watering dark chocolate is included as part of the decadent stay.

Healthy Hedonism Spa Day starts from £115 per person.  Visit for full details.