Most Wanted – Ciclotte Teckell


CICLOTTE, the brand that brought us the world’s first designer exercise bike, launches three new innovations to the UK market: the CICLOTTE TECKELL, the first fitness bike made of exquisite, transparent crystal incorporating smart technology; a kit of barbells/sculpture and an upgrade of its first exercise bike in carbon fibre.

An exercise in style, the CICLOTTE TECKELL combines the strength of two leading Italian brands united by their love of technology and attention to detail: Ciclotte’s motto ‘Ride on design meets Teckell’s ‘Italian design looks forward’’. The result is an exercise bike that’s a pure expression of contemporary life offering a seamless, unique riding experience and a design that will take pride of place in the modern home, office or gym. This collaboration has helped to make the already futuristic Ciclotte even more spectacular. The transparent crystal blends harmoniously with the structural elements made of high-tech materials including steel, glass and sophisticated mechanisms. Extensive ergonomic research was conducted prior to manufacturing the bike. It sports a transmission capable of simulating a road feel to allow for a more intense training experience.

Sleek and minimalist with elegantly sculpted handlebars and a graceful base, the CICLOTTE TECKELL has been designed to faithfully reproduce the dynamics and performance of on-road cycling. Bluetooth enabled, workout data connects directly to the user’s smartphone or tablet permitting a fully immersive training session. Designed by hand yet loaded with high-tech elements, this stationary bicycle is a stylish ride with a distinct personality uniting exceptional performance with a high aesthetic value.

Completing the CICLOTTE line is a set of modular barbells with weights ranging from 1.5kg to 6.5kg taking influence from the bike’s iconic circular design to make them unrecognisable amongst anything that would be found in a typical gym. The CICLOTTE BARBELLS set is characterized by an innovative conic hooking system which enables the user to quickly and easily vary the weight making them the first design barbells to be equipped for providing the user with real training and heavy exercises. Such is their innovation that these barbells recently won the ‘International Design Awards (IDA)’ in Los Angeles.

The set of barbells share the iconic round shape of the bike, Ciclotte which directly refers to the ‘circle of life’, guaranteeing a better distribution of the weight around the hands during exercise and their purpose as a normal fitness tool. However, they come equipped with a special support which means they can be showcased in a living room or office as a sculpture.

Ciclotte has also completed an upgrade of its first bike. This now features an electronic kit able to connect to any mobile device (both Android and Apple), a new transmission able to guarantee an even smoother feeling while pedalling and a simplified handlebars and seat setting systems.