PR for Social Media Success

Social Media is an incredible marketing tool that is available right at our fingertips. It is the true definition of a public platform, allowing you to communicate with your existing clientele but also reach new realms of people – your future clients.

The Social Media stratosphere is understandably huge and without the right strategy, you can leave your brand lost amongst the competition, or more worryingly, run the risk of miscommunication with skewed and inconsistent messaging. Key messaging is at the heart of every brand’s success and social media is a key platform in maintaining your brands messaging. The lines that separate PR, branding, advertising, marketing and social media are blurring and Social Media must be seen just as important as your press activity and marketing strategy.

The beauty of the digital world is that your brand can reach an incredible amount of people in a very short space of time, IF you have a strategic plan developed and actioned by the right people.

Why PR professionals?

  1. We are experienced and skilled communicators – Consistent communication is essential for a successful brand. Reinforcing your brands messaging frequently over social media will allow the most important elements of your brand to be front of mind. Eloquently and strategically written posts are essential in Social Media.
  1. We are practised storytellers – Our social media is an amalgamation of stories. It is a platform that we can control allowing us to share, curate and generate engaging and shareable stories. PR professionals are experts in telling relevant and carefully curated stories to transform into quality feature placements and social media is no different. It is another quality platform to share and tell stories.
  1. We are expert relationship builders – Quality relationships are the golden nugget of successful PR. With journalists, bloggers and clients, PR professionals use their communication skills to maintain good relations. In fact, many of my most valuable relationships have been developed in the social media world – Instagram! Social Media is all about relationships, quality customer service and engaging with those that love your brand and those who have only just been introduced.