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  • The Secrets of Successful Hotel Marketing

    7 May, 2024
    Last week we were at the National Hotel Marketing Conference to pick up on all the latest marketing ideas, advice…
  • Insights from World Spa & Wellness 2024

    6 March, 2024
    The Spa PR team were at the World Spa & Wellness Convention at Professional Beauty this week.  This annual event…
  • People in a waiting room

    Join the Wait List

    28 February, 2024
    Imagine going into the next month knowing you have people waiting to purchase from you! Now, that's the dream scenario…
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Spa PR

    7 February, 2024
    2024 marks a monumental milestone for The Spa PR Company: two decades of dedicated service to the ever-evolving spa and…
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    5 Hot UK Spa Trends 2024

    2 January, 2024
    The rise of Touchless treatments With staffing an ongoing challenge for spas, operators are continuing to source and implement a…
  • Spa & Wellness in India

    21 November, 2023
    There’s nothing like travelling the world to enrich yourself with the enchanting realm of wellness available and, probably no better…
  • New Spa & Wellness Awards Service

    10 March, 2023
    Winning an award for your spa or wellness business is one way of differentiating your business from the competition, recognizing…
  • Latest PR & Marketing Insights

    10 March, 2023
    Each week we issue a round-up of the latest PR & Marketing developments and insights relevant to our niche of…
  • 5 Marketing Wins for Valentine’s Day

    10 March, 2023
    Valentine’s Day has never been so popular.  It’s estimated that in the UK in 2022 we’ll be sending over 18…
  • How Spa PR collaborates

    9 March, 2023
    Collaborations are a win win for both parties.  They are a brilliant way of helping you extend your brand reach…
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