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  • sunrise

    The attraction of an Early Bird Offer

    10 January, 2024
    Recently I’ve been struck by the number of early bird offers I’m receiving and I’ve definitely been drawn in a…
  • New Spa Software

    9 March, 2023
    Once clunky, complicated and costly, a pioneering new generation of software has launched which sheds restrictive servers, expensive licence fees…
  • Spa Talk with Helena Grzesk

    9 March, 2023
    Following a period of uncertainty and enormous challenges for the spa industry, we caught up with Helena Grzesk, general manager…
  • What’s Next for Spas? – Interview With the Good Spa Guide

    9 March, 2023
    It has been a challenging few month's for the spa industry and with current government restrictions still in place for…
  • Spa Life Take-aways

    3 March, 2023
    It’s always a pleasure to meet up with other spa insiders at the UK’s main industry event, Spa Life. There’s…
  • How to sell more gift vouchers

    3 March, 2023
    With the latest statistics telling us that the UK made a healthy £4 billion selling gift vouchers alone last year,…
  • Product-Image

    Introducing SOFRI

    3 March, 2023
    It's always good to see a new skincare brand arrive in the UK and especially one that combines holistic healing…
  • NSPA-week

    It’s National Spa Week

    2 March, 2023
    Join in National Spa Week by visiting www.spaweek.co.uk 31st October to 4th November 2016 ‘Spa for everybody and mind’ is…
  • A World’s First

    23 February, 2023
    It’s always exciting to be launching something which has never been seen before and especially when we know that it’s…