The Importance of Communication During Crisis

Amidst the current crisis, you are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed, panicked or worried about the future of your spa business. However, whilst now isn’t the right time to promote your spa, it is a chance to show not only the expertise of your brand but also its caring side. It is important not to forget the valued role that your spa brand plays in the mental and physical wellbeing of the public. It is time to offer support to your customers and beyond, using your wellness knowledge and expertise within your business.

There are several ways in which you can do this, and we’ve outlined a few simple techniques and ideas that you can incorporate into your current marketing messaging:

  1. Keep in touch:

While there will be a drop in footfall through the doors of your spa, it is more important than ever at this time to ensure that you’re communicating with your customers regularly with useful information. The internet as a channel of communication between your business and your customers remains undisrupted, so ensure that you adjust your digital marketing strategy to suit this way of connecting.


Use this opportunity to help other people by gathering top expert tips from your head therapist on how your customers can bring your spa and its ambience home with them. Whether that be a treatment demonstration or simple breathing techniques to add into their daily routine, your customers will see that they are still very much at the front of your mind and likewise, you will remain at the front of theirs.


  1. Drive conversation:

With digital and online playing a very important role it is time to focus on driving conversation. Use your social media platforms to create discussions and position your spa’s online presence as a place of calm and provider of sound wellbeing advice.


Make use of the questions sticker on Instagram stories and allow your customers to ask questions. These can be responded to by words or even by video response by your spa manager. You can run regular Q&A sessions like these, ensuring that they are touching every point in your business from customer service, treatment advice, product advice and nutrition suggestions from your chef.


  1. Shift the focus:

Now is a time to shift your focus from short term sales to long term customer loyalty and retention. Provide a service for your customers where they can easily purchase things such as gift vouchers for future visits.


  1. Self-Care hampers:

You may not be able to provide the same treatment services that are available on your menu, but you do have access to some of the UK’s top wellbeing products in the form of your product houses. Perhaps you can create a ‘Spa-at-Home Hamper’ that can be delivered to your customers doors or purchased from your retail area. This can include an instruction manual with useful tips from your spa therapist team.


  1. Local Partnerships

Remember, you are not a one-man band and the ‘we’re all in this together’ movement is important. The most effective partnerships are those that complement one another, so ensure that you are looking at what’s happening in your local community and see how you can help them.