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To unveil the breathtakingly beautiful ‘The Spa at Carden’ and establish it as the ultimate world-class destination spa.


A comprehensive and luxurious strategy was developed. The aim was to create a memorable and impactful story that would resonate with today’s discerning spa-goers, leverage the power of high-profile influencers, showcase the stunning garden for outdoor wellness, garner widespread media coverage, and secure global awards.

To begin with, the team crafted an enchanting narrative that encapsulated the essence of ‘The Spa at Carden’ through its expansive spa garden, highlighting the luxurious amenities, bespoke treatments, and personalized experiences that await every guest. The story was crafted with a keen eye for detail, taking into account the latest trends and preferences of spa enthusiasts, and ensuring that every element of the spa was perfectly aligned with the brand’s values and identity.
Next, high-profile influencers were onboarded to promote the spa and amplify its message to a wider audience. The influencers included top-tier celebrities and social media influencers, all of whom had a significant following and a deep understanding of the luxury spa market. Their endorsement helped position ‘The Spa at Carden’ as the go-to destination spa, cementing its reputation as a haven of indulgence and relaxation.

To generate maximum media coverage, the team secured prime time TV and national press coverage, featuring the spa’s unique offerings and luxurious amenities. The spa was profiled in leading national newspapers and magazines and featured in popular lifestyle shows such as ‘This Morning’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity’, reaching millions of viewers and readers. This widespread exposure helped create a buzz around ‘The Spa at Carden’, establishing it as a must-visit destination for luxury spa enthusiasts.

Finally, the team entered the spa in several prestigious global awards, recognizing the spa’s outstanding achievements and contributions to the industry. The awards included Best New Spa, Europe’s Best Destination Spa, Large Spa of the Year, and Best Country House Hotel Spa, among others. These accolades cemented ‘The Spa at Carden’s’ position as a world-class spa, known for its exceptional service, luxurious amenities, and innovative offerings.


The launch campaign of ‘The Spa at Carden’ was a resounding success, generating over 400 pieces of dedicated spa coverage in just one year, over 80 web links, and several prestigious awards. The spa’s luxurious amenities, personalized experiences, and unique outdoor offerings helped establish it as the ultimate destination spa, catering to the discerning tastes of luxury spa-goers.

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