CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, wanted to increase engagement with its membership and attract prospective graduates to study for CIDESCO qualifications.


With a global membership, it was important to create a campaign that would work across the different territories and cultures. Spa PR created a content marketing campaign comprising a more modern version of the CIDESCO LINK magazine, a series of Expert Guides and a monthly newsletter.

Spa PR updated the company’s in-house magazine to appeal to a wider demographic and invited the membership to contribute and share their skills in order to educate and attract others. The campaign also included the creation of CIDESCO expert guides, which involved testimonials from schools and graduates which members could learn from and share with others. These expert guides were also used as content for social media channels to position CIDESCO as a leading voice in the industry. A monthly newsletter was produced to keep the membership advised of new developments within CIDESCO and the industry at large.


Membership engagement has increased significantly since the campaign launched with the newsletter receiving an average Open Rate of 51% and a Click Through Rate of 4.9%, well above industry standards.

CIDESCO has also recruited a record number of new schools and graduates.

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