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The goal was to distinguish Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel in the market using strategic messaging, positioning, and storytelling. The aim was to achieve widespread media coverage to boost visibility and word-of-mouth, increase website traffic, and drive primary wellness inquiries for Longevity’s programs and packages.


The PR campaign aimed to create a solid foundation for the brand and make a lasting impression on the audience. To achieve this, we focused on three key elements: clarity, relevance, and trust.
Clarity: This element was designed to attract the primary audience of wellness travelers. We communicated the essence and values of Longevity Health & Wellness as pioneers in ‘health first’ hotels, making serious wellness more accessible. By leveraging the hotel’s brand name and highlighting its unique position among other wellness operators, we ensured Longevity remained top-of-mind.

Relevance: We demonstrated that Longevity understands the current wellness needs and aspirations of the market and current traveller. We focused on top health concerns in the UK, such as sleep, mental burnout, gut health, and stress. Our messaging aligned with these concerns, targeting moments such as ‘feel good holidays’ and ‘recovery holidays’ to appeal to the emerging wellness traveller.

Trust: As a relatively new hotel in the market, especially to the press, building trust was crucial. We emphasised the expertise of the leading professionals at the hotel and its connection with the partner hospital, enhancing its credibility. This assured potential guests that a stay at Longevity would deliver on its promises.


In its first nine months, the campaign was a resounding success, generating significant results and with 78 published press articles. This led to a number of satisfied press members who were left feeling much healthier and a potential audience reach of over 759 million people. A review of Longevity’s website statistics revealed noticeable traffic spikes that directly correlated with media coverage, demonstrating the campaign’s impact. By pitching expert commentary and establishing Longevity as a leader in the longevity field, the campaign secured several high-profile features in prestigious publications such as The Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Knightsbridge Magazine, OK!, Conde Nast Traveler, Men’s Fitness, and Top Sante, many without requiring press visits.

We’re looking forward to taking this even further in our next phase of the project.

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