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Increase brand awareness and generate significant talk around Mavala’s first sustainable nail colour range, Mavala Mini bio color.


While Mavala is well known amongst UK media and influencers with Spa PR generating substantial exposure on a monthly basis, it had been some years since Mavala had hosted an in-person event. With this being such a momentous launch, Spa PR used Earth Day as a focal point and created a beautiful exclusive dinner for top media and influencers in the orangery at Bourne & Hollingsworth in London. The event attracted acceptances from all the top target media with a waiting list.

To enhance the natural elements of the nail range, the room was decorated with flora that picked up on the colour palette. To personalize the experience we also had an artist present who sketched stunning portraits of each guest with their Mavala Mini Bio Color.

Guests included writers for Marie Claire, Stylist, Daily Mail, Sunday Times Style, The Telegraph and Women’s Health, Refinery 29, Metro and many more.

Watch the video here.


Not only was the event brilliant for furthering press and influencer relationships with Mavala but it has also tripled the amount of confirmed coverage we would normally expect from a new product launch reaching an audience of over 56 million. The campaign achieved outstanding results, featuring in top publications such as Vogue, Hello!, Woman & Home, Sunday Mirror, Heat, and Beauty Bible.

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