Work - Trybe


The objective was to launch Trybe, a new spa software business, and attract new spa partners to the industry. Trybe was seen as an exciting new innovation to the spa industry, with its cloud-based feature enabling it to operate 24/7.


Spa PR’s approach focused on the young founders, one of whom was ex-Google, to establish Trybe as an innovative and dynamic brand in the trade media and amongst Spa PR’s own database of spa operator contacts.

We launched a series of data-led stories and advertorials to get the brand noticed, and subsequently created a luxurious Netflix-style case study video. This has helped Trybe to stand out in the crowded spa industry.


Within 18 months of launching, Trybe grew to over 50 UK spas and secured its first international signings. The company has also expanded from a handful of people to over 20, a clear indication of the success of the launch. Trybe is now a respected player in the spa industry, with a growing reputation for innovation and efficiency.