Work - VOYA


Increase awareness within the UK and Irish market, open new account channels and boost sales, provide support to all VOYA spas.


With the increasing demand for organic and green beauty, we knew instantly that VOYA was a must-try brand. A family-run business which developed from Ireland’s first seaweed baths in the bays of Sligo, VOYA takes you on a journey to discover some of the sea’s most powerful ingredients, harnessed in treatments and products to leave your skin in its best possible condition.

As professionals in spa and wellness, we knew that VOYA had the potential to be one the strongest beauty competitors on the market – it’s luxury and organic, with a presence in over 37 countries worldwide, and it’s a family run business lead by its creators, working to deliver unparalleled results. VOYA’s winning combination already had a small presence in the UK, but we felt there was scope for the brand to have a much greater authority in both the UK and Ireland as well as in some of the world’s most prestigious spas.

In 2013, we created a campaign for VOYA targeting national newspapers, supplements and glossy magazines, meeting with our key media contacts to personally deliver the VOYA brand and message. We arranged a press trip to Sligo, further inviting directors and editors to come and experience the treatments for themselves. Our approach generated a word-of-mouth response from influential beauty journalists, and from here we were able to make contact with celebrities and makeup artists including Aoife Walsh and Daniel Sandler.


Having secured both treatment and product placements, VOYA was featured in 234 magazines, print and online, in 2015 alone reaching an audience of >183 million.

Located in the Maldives, Dubai and with a growing presence in the United States, VOYA has seen a year on year double digit growth.

Mass media coverage including The Mail on Sunday ‘Fool’s Gold’, Good Housekeeping ‘The Truth about Cellulite’, Harper’s Bazaar ‘The Treat’ and the Metro who says that VOYA is ‘beauty that will make you feel better’.