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The objective was to make Westlab bathing salts a household name, with a focus on increasing distribution and brand recognition. At the time, the company only offered Epsom salts and was based in a small salt cave in Surrey, with a no-frills branding and packaging approach.


Spa PR adopted a strategy that embraced the simplicity of the brand, focusing on the quality of the product. The aim was to make the salts appear inspirational, while targeting the mass market. To achieve this, we launched an early adopters campaign, targeting trend-setting media and VIPs, including leading sports and fitness professionals.

This resulted in extensive press coverage, proving valuable to the sales team in securing listings in retailers. Spa PR continues to deliver high visibility exposure for Westlab through influencer marketing and a wide range of partner campaigns.


Westlab bathing salts have become a household name, stocked in almost every supermarket nationwide, as well as being widely available through independent retailers and online. The range has expanded to include Dead Sea, Himalayan salts, and magnesium flakes, as well as an aromatherapy range and shower gels.

Westlab salts have become the No.1 brand in the mineral salt category

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