Age Intelligent

After a week in sunny California, it was off to one of our favourite’s cities of Copenhagen for the launch of Nimue’s new a.i (Age Intelligent), skincare range.

Accompanied by Mark Smith for European Spa and Lauren-Heath Jones from Spa Business, the three of us took a very early morning flight and headed to the launch event and to meet Nimue’s brand ambassador, supermodel and incredible businesswoman , Helena Christensen.

Nimue launch 2

Just as everything in Denmark is beautifully styled, so was our concert hall venue, from the bright white walls and elegant flowers to the coffee cups and delicious food. The room was packed with press and distributors from around the world and it was fascinating to meet so many interesting people who are all fans of Nimue.

Nimue launch 3

The company’s new line, a.i. has been years in the making and approaches the skin from the point of view that our skin is 80% influenced by our lifestyle and the environment. It takes into account that yes, we’re going to consume sugar, drink alcohol, find it difficult at times to get enough sleep and feel stressed.  a.i. simply helps our skin to recover from our lifestyle choices through a pioneering process called Omics research.  This involves preservation of the tips of our DNA molecules using such ingredients as colloidal platinum as a deep collagen booster, hydrolysed myrtle leaf extract which stimulates protein for cell longevity and polarised water as a delivery channel.

Look out for this innovative new range coming to a salon or spa near you soon