7th March 2023
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Staying ahead in Wellness

Integrating Psychedelics, Biohacking, and the Wow Factor in Your Spa and Hotel Business We had the fantastic opportunity to attend the highly anticipated World Spa &… more »
24th January 2023

How can I use ChatGPT for marketing?

Have you tried ChatGPT?  While it’s still in its early stages, it looks like it could be a game changer for communications.  Think of it as… more »
12th October 2022
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New Spa & Wellness Awards Service

Winning an award for your spa or wellness business is one way of differentiating your business from the competition, recognizing all the hard work that’s gone… more »
4th May 2022

Highlights from the National Hotel Marketing Conference

Energy was high at last week’s National Hotel Marketing Conference after a two-year gap and, despite ongoing challenges, it was clear we all love what we… more »
25th April 2022
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Animal Mindfulness

Continual innovation is important for all businesses. This helps them to progress, stay relevant to their current customers and stand out in a crowded market to… more »
31st March 2022
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Latest PR & Marketing Insights

Each week we issue a round-up of the latest PR & Marketing developments and insights relevant to our niche of spa, beauty and wellbeing and share… more »
22nd February 2022

Tribe517 launches new gender-neutral product line: The ONE Collection

Tribe517, the UK’s natural and sustainable artisan spa brand founded by experienced holistic spa therapist, Claire Caddick, has launched The ONE Collection, a new range of… more »
26th January 2022
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5 Marketing Wins for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never been so popular.  It’s estimated that in the UK in 2022 we’ll be sending over 18 million cards as well as gifts… more »
18th January 2022
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Meet Amaku

Welcome to Amaku, the new luxury oral care brand and Spa PR client.  After the so-called “Zoom boom”, there was a 72 per cent increase in… more »