Tribe517 opens its honey bee hive sanctuary

Tribe517 opens its honey bee hive sanctuary

In the company’s latest step to make spa products more sustainable

Tribe517, the UK’s natural and sustainable artisan spa brand created by spa therapist, Claire Caddick, has welcomed four swarms of honey bees to reside in its honey bee hive sanctuary at its new headquarters Beddau Farm, in Wales. On a mission to create more sustainable and eco-focused spa products, Tribe 517’s colony of bees will help create locally sourced ingredients for the brand’s hand-crafted natural products.

The four hives which arrived in May will grow to house swarms of 30,000 in each hive, with a total of 120,000 busy bees residing at the farm. Looked after by the apiarist who built the hives, the main drive behind the onsite bees was for environmental reasons and to reduce carbon footprint, as many Tribe517 products use honey and beeswax. Having the bees onsite not only minimises transportation, but it also means Tribe517 customers have peace of mind knowing that the products they’re using contain the freshest ingredients and have been locally sourced and created fairly. The addition of the bees has encouraged the team at Tribe517 to grow a full flower meadow on site, not just for the bees but to create a habitat for all wildlife with plants which purify the air and soil.

The next phase of development at the farm is to invite therapists in for training on-site, to see the blending in action and learn more about the working of the bees.

Announcing the arrival of the bees at Tribe517, founder Claire Caddick says “3 of every 4 mouthfuls we eat are direct as a result of bees and they are sadly not as prolific as they need to be for us to maintain the food chain. We wanted to create a safe habitat for bees to thrive, and I have to say that just standing in the bee garden is incredibly calming and mesmerising. It brings an outdoor healing activity of its own, something I hadn’t even considered when bringing them on-site but has appreciated immediately. They are incredible and magical little beings, they are so clever and intelligent, I’m already in love with them and can’t wait to learn more! The next steps for me are to get suited up and learning how to keep bees which will be super exciting.”

Tribe517 has also created two brand new products using ingredients produced from its very own Honeybees. The honey and wax ingredients that go into the products have been harvested just 10 metres away from the blending studios, capturing the ‘farm to face’ journey.

The two products harness the healing and nurturing power of honey fresh from the wild garden hives. Combined with floral absolutes, the products deliver the unmistakable fragrance of a springtime flower garden in a jar, taking inspiration from the wild meadow where the hives are placed on site. The duo is blended with absolutes of stress relieving Tuberose, antibacterial Hyacinth, and uplifting Narcissus. A naturally healing duo, the botanical pairing is ideal for optimum health of body and face.

Wild Honey Butter 120ml (£49)

A creamy blend of pure butter and healing honey with added botanicals of Tuberose, Hyacinth and Narcissus creates a sensational and sensorial springtime scent.

Wild Honey Mask 100ml (£39)

Smooth honey and oil mix alive with the scent of springtime.  Naturally healing, smoothing and calming with Tuberose, Hyacinth and Narcissus botanicals, for a fresh radiance.

Much like Tribe517’s launch of the gender-neutral ONE collection earlier in 2022, the two new honey-infused products come packaged in the same recyclable, apothecary style amber glass, but topped with gold lids and labels to mimic the delectable honey inspiration inside. Tribe517 recognises the need for more sustainable products to be available within the spa industry so has removed unnecessary packaging from all its product lines. In a bid to minimise damage to the planet, Tribe517 decided people who care for the environment would much prefer more product than packaging, so will be doubling the size of its original products from 50ml to 100ml, but remain at the exact same price point. To protect products, they will now be packaged in a reusable duster pouch.

The Honey Duo has been incorporated into some signature treatments at a brand new spa the Yorkshire Spa Retreat opening in Summer 2022. Tribe517 treatments are also available in 15 leading UK spas including Moddershall Oaks, The Wave Garden Spa, The Spa at Breedon Priory, Manor House Alsager and Weaver’s House Spa.