CIDESCO Announces Sustainability Initiative

With environmental issues a worldwide concern, CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy is encouraging its members, students and schools to become more aware and supportive by issuing them with guidelines to becoming a more sustainable operator.

Going green is far more than just a trend, as sustainable business practices must now be considered a major priority in running a successful spa or salon business. While a spa or salon experience plays a role in ‘personal sustainability’ in terms of taking responsibility for one’s wellbeing, CIDESCO is encouraging future therapists and managers to take responsibility in global sustainability too. With its guidance, CIDESCO is emphasising that eco-efforts are not about sacrifice, but about healthy choices to enhance overall sustainability of the industry. With its global membership, CIDESCO hopes that making these small changes will result in big steps for the industry.

Announcing the initiative, CIDESCO International President, Sandy Fuhr said “As a global enterprise with representation in more than 40 countries, our members can really make a difference when they come together to support such an important issue.  Operating sustainably needs to be built into all our working practices, wherever we might be based, and having guidelines to follow makes it easier and achievable.  We encourage our members to share their sustainability stories to encourage others and support this further through our marketing and social channels.”

The CIDESCO International Sustainability Initiative includes a Six Step manifesto to sustainability.  This will cover:

  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling
  • Avoidance of pollutants
  • Staff training on this issue
  • Sourcing suppliers who support this initiative
  • Water conservation.

CIDESCO Sections in each country will support this by nominating a Sustainability Mentor who will be available to schools, colleges, salons, spas and students to provide advice and guidance.

The CIDESCO Sustainability Initiative can be downloaded from the website here