April has already been a busy month for our natural health clients, what with the Natural & Organic Products Europe show and the arrival in London of the Dr. Bronner’s US team.

As part of a global initiative by Dr. Bronner’s to raise awareness on the importance of regenerative agriculture for sustainability, the Spa PR team launched Dr. Bronner’s Heal Earth limited edition Pure Castile Liquid Soap.

A Press and Green Buddies breakfast was arranged at the meat free restaurant, Ethos in London’s West End which attracted over 40 guests including Balance magazine, Good Housekeeping, Health & Fitness, Marie Claire and Eco Hustler as well as lots of our green influencers including the lovely Laura from  The Homely Haven who travelled all the way from Northern Island especially – thank you Laura!  We were also pleased to catch up again with our friends from Compassion in World Farming and meet some of the team from the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

Guests were invited to ‘plant a mint seed’ and hear more about Dr. Bronner’s Heal Earth campaign from the senior US team including Mike and Lisa Bronner and Gero Leson, Vice President of Operations.  This included showing Dr. Bronner’s new 8 minute documentary Journey to Pavitramenthe which demonstrates the commitment to fair trade and organic supply chains. Following a community of 1,500 farmers in Bareilly, India, it  shows how fair trade and organic mint oil, used in Dr Bronner’s products, are produced through regenerative agricultural practices.

Peppermint is our original and most famous scent. There wouldn’t be peppermint soap if it wasn’t for our Pavitramenthe partners in India making the organic mint oil that goes into it,” says Michael Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s and grandson of founder Emanuel Bronner. “We’re proud of their regenerative farming practices that quite literally heal the soil, allowing it to sequester carbon from the atmosphere to help mitigate our changing climate.”

To highlight the importance of regenerative agriculture for sustainability, Dr. Bronner’s is selling a limited edition Heal Earth labelled Pure-Castile liquid soap which will be available from larger retailers and online at www.drbronner.co.uk during April and May.

To watch Journey to Pavitramenthe head to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkkk5FjNyQw