Epsom Salt Muscle Spray

Westlab, the leading bath salts manufacturer in the UK, has harnessed soothing Epsom Salt, refreshing Spearmint and calming Eucalyptus in the ‘Epsom Salt Muscle Spray’ to help instantly revive tired, achy limbs and joints.


Epsom salt is a natural solution that has been used for centuries to help overworked muscles recover more quickly from intense physical activity. When combined with Spearmint and Eucalyptus it becomes reviving to the mind and the sensory system with a relaxing and cooling effect. Breathing in the refreshing, natural scent helps to re-energise and refocus the mind during or after physical activity, whilst the high magnesium content of the Epsom salt sinks into the skin and helps relax the muscles. The combined effect provides a refreshing boost not just on the skin’s surface but deeper into the muscle.

Each revitalising spritz is packed with all-important Magnesium, helping to revive muscles during and after exercise by spritzing directly onto targeted areas. Magnesium aids in muscle control, energy production and helps to prevent muscular cramps, making this spray a natural first aid and kit-bag essential; perfect post gym session, run, hike or exercise class to help delayed onset muscle soreness and help muscles recover and perform better.

For best results:

Shake well before using. Spray 1 -3 times to cover the area that is in need of the muscle spray and allow to dry. Repeat if required.

WESTLAB Muscle Spray £11.95 for 100ml