Guided Meditation

We were in Manchester last week to launch The Spa at The Midland’s new Guided Meditation experience. We were joined by some of the city’s leading press including Manchester Evening New’s Lucy Roue, Lovin’ Manchester’s Sam McGowan and some of the North West’s favourite influencers: Freya Farrington, Gabriella Manchester and Miss Fighting Fit.

Starting bright and early, the spa treated everyone to healthy green smoothie shots made from apple, cucumber and kale, tea and coffee and lemon water before choosing a spot to curl up in and get ready for the guided meditation.

Led by award-winning Director of Spa, Helena Grzesk, the dedicated spa team created a Mindful morning for an intimate group of press and bloggers to enjoy. Helena, who has practiced meditation for a number of years; explained the principles and wellbeing benefits of including meditation in your daily life and in particular before enjoying a spa treatment. It was then time for guests to close their eyes and relax as the lights were dimmed and the meditation recording began.

The 20 minute meditation guided guests all the way through, with visualisations, body scanning and breathing techniques. The guided meditation aims to help relieve worries and clear busy minds. As the brain begins to unwind, the body follows suit; guests will gently sink into the cushions around them and feel themselves fall into a meditative state of complete relaxation. When the recording finished, the lights remained dimly lit while guests slowly woke up and emerged back into reality with a new sense of clarity and wellbeing.

Once guests had slowly emerged from their relaxed state, they were invited to enjoy a Mindful Massage (which the spa highly recommends post-mediation). Eighty-five minutes of pure relaxation, this holistic, rejuvenating and clarifying experience draws on the concept of mindfulness; focusing on both mind and body to help you reduce stress and ‘be more in the present’.

Anyone visiting the hotel or spa can enjoy the guided meditation for a small fee of £10 on top of their spa day or spa treatment.

The Spa at The Midland