How Spa PR collaborates

Collaborations are a win win for both parties.  They are a brilliant way of helping you extend your brand reach to your target audience and often at low cost, representing a valuable return on investment.

Our latest collaboration is for Titanic Spa, the UK’s first eco-spa located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, under a ‘Spa for Our Planet’ Campaign.  This year-long campaign is dedicated to supporting the conservation of wildlife and building a better future for our planet in collaboration with the Born Free Foundation.

The programme is designed to give back and take action when it comes to protecting wildlife and creating a more sustainable planet. The exclusive package will be available as an overnight break and on each purchase, Titanic Spa will work with the Born Free Foundation to provide an exclusive adoption pack, whereby support will go towards protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife species.

The first package, ‘Orangutans in the Wild’, which launches this month is dedicated to the support of orangutan conservation projects in Borneo. An exclusive ‘Orangutan in the Wild’ cocktail will also be available in the spa’s award-winning bar with a donation from the profits going straight to Born Free.

By purchasing the ‘Orangutan in the Wild’ Spa Break, guests will be supporting Born Free’s TimTom, a beautiful Bornean orangutan who was rescued in 2016. Not only will the package provide a helping hand to an orphan on her journey back to the forest, it will also support the wider conservation efforts to orangutans in Borneo. The tropical forest within Lamandau Wildlife Reserve provides a natural environment for TimTom and around 600 other orangutans, half of which have been rescued and released into the protected habitat. Through the support of adoptions, a healthy wild population of orangutans has been established inside the reserve that continues to thrive in a forest that is protected from habitat loss.

Shockingly, there are now only 55,000-104,700 of the Bornean orangutans, <14,000 of the Sumatran orangutan, and <800 of the Tapanuli orangutan left on the planet and with fragmented and declining populations this beautiful species is now classified as critically endangered and teetering towards the brink of extinction. With a risk of disease, large scale deforestation and human encroachment, the powerful Orangutan population is extremely vulnerable.

With small changes, come great rewards and with the launch of its Spa for Our Planet campaign, Titanic Spa is proud to be able to provide its guests with the opportunity to both invest in their own wellbeing but also help to make a difference on a larger scale.