How to measure brand awareness

PR is well known for creating and increasing brand awareness for a company and we’re proud that it’s been instrumental in helping some of our clients become leaders in their sectors.

Brand awareness defines the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.  But why is it important?  It’s important because it helps your brand to become more valuable in the consumer’s mind, taking them further down the sales funnel.  This means they are more likely to choose your brand rather than a competitors despite the fact that it may be more expensive or they may have to wait longer for it; they are more likely to recall and recommend your brand because they have heard good things about your products or services; it will attract other businesses to you which could be investors or brand partners; and it will make you more visible on search engines.

One of the key questions we get asked as a PR agency when we talk about brand awareness is how do you measure it.  Here we list 10 metrics and some of the tools which can help you do just that:

  1. Online brand mentions – Google alerts
  2. Earned media mentions (the volume and reach your brand has from your PR and content activity) – press monitoring service
  3. Website traffic – Google Analytics. Look for increases in direct traffic and referrals
  4. Social media reach and engagement – free insights from each platform or paid for tools such as Hootsuite
  5. Customer surveys – Survey Monkey or Hubspot
  6. High domain links – Google Analytics
  7. Share of voice against competitors – social listening tool such as Sprout Social
  8. Popularity – search for your brand and the brands of your competitors with a keyword tool
  9. Search volume – Google Trends
  10. Customer reviews – increase in positive reviews, greater volume