How to sell more gift vouchers

With the latest statistics telling us that the UK made a healthy £4 billion selling gift vouchers alone last year, it is no surprise that monetary vouchers still hold a prominent place in the world of gift buying. Providing the option to purchase gift vouchers is a sure fire way of gaining the attention of new and loyal customers and more importantly, encourage them to come back. While we know that people still buy gift vouchers, the questions stand as to how we sell them when the market is so saturated and how do we meet our 2018 targets?

In answer to these questions, we created some valuable content for Lavish, the spa gift voucher provider – a guide to selling spa and salon gift vouchers. We launched this in time for the Christmas gift voucher sales period, pushing out through media, social networks and databases.

Combining the very best advice from the experts at Lavish into one useful guide, the guide has been designed to give those looking for a boost in sales, a point in the right direction. Highlighting key selling points that people often overlook such as the importance of words, premium add-ons and promotion, the new guide draws on the expertise of Lavish’s ten years of experience to identify the winning tips when it comes to successful gift voucher selling.

To download the guide head over to the Lavish website here.