Influencer Marketing


Everyone’s talking about Influencer marketing; the practise of partnering with influencers in your market to leverage their popularity and audiences through the creation of activity and content that communicates your own brand values.

At Spa PR we’ve recently been working on an Influencer Campaign for Westlab, the bathing salt specialists, reaching out to fitness influencers who use Epsom Salt for muscle recovery. This has led to us forming relationships over green juices, phone calls, WhatsApp’s, and even running through the streets of London together. Through our experience we have found that positive relationships result in a better working relationships and results, with a more effective outcome for the influencer and, of course, our client. It is great to meet like-minded people who are as passionate as we are about our client, Westlab, and who talk about the benefits of bathing mineral salts ‘on the ground’, in a way that other like-minded people are likely to relate to. Everyone loves a genuine recommendation and that is what is so unique about engaging with influencers; we don’t pay them or tell them what to say about a brand, if they choose to it is out of pure appreciation of that product. It has been amazing to see influencers share on social media above and beyond what we initially thought they would and receiving positive engagement too – a win win for all!

It is our job to source and connect with these influencers in a genuine way and a lot of this is through word-of-mouth, meetings and connecting with someone, discovering your similarities and mutual interests. Social media has also enabled us to connect with influencers in America which helps us to improve the awareness for the brand in the USA, whereby it has recently launched in Walmart stores. The influence these individuals have is not based on a circulation figure or necessarily a social media following figure; the opinions of these influencers matter to their audiences and so it has been incredibly effective to reach out across the world and connect with other Westlab fans.

It’s been an exciting campaign that we know will be an ongoing process as we continue to represent our clients not only from behind our keyboards but in our own personal interests and social circles.