Introducing Sensory Retreats

Clare Anderson, the founder behind the highly successful Lava Shells and kokolokahi brands, who has over 25 years’ experience in the luxury spa and skincare industry, has launched a unique new product house and holistic wellbeing brand: Sensory Retreats.  The full range of holistic treatments will be available in March 2020 to selected spas nationwide.

Taking the spa experience to the next level, Sensory Retreats offers an enchanting and exclusive journey of the senses using natural ingredients, mindful experiences, unique massage techniques and the healing power of touch, sounds and crystals to helping the spa guest to relax, rebalance and reset.  These innovative and deeply restorative massage treatments, range of retail products and personal experiences, are designed to elevate personal wellbeing to the highest level and bring increased balance and enjoyment to our lives through the power of the 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Using a Sensory Retreats Wellness Oil or Massage Candle, combined with carefully curated advanced massage techniques and additional touches, each treatment has been developed to stimulate all 5 senses and deliver a specific wellbeing benefit.  Whether this is to Restore your spirit and settle your emotions,  Revive and energise body and mind, Empower you to feel stronger, Invigorate circulation and ease muscle tension or simply just be to enjoy the Pure Touch indulgent massage that leaves skin silky soft and induces a feeling of complete relaxation and calm.

There is a full complement of treatments on offer under the Sensory Retreats brand umbrella including the Sensory Retreats Divine Escape Massage and the Sensory Retreats Lava Shells Massages using the world famous Lava Shells.

The signature treatment Sensory Retreats Divine Escape Massage is a full immersion of pleasure and engagement for all 5 senses.  The heavenly journey starts with the unique ‘5 Scent Selection’ ritual and is followed by powerfully rejuvenating massage techniques from around the world.  The ‘Finishing Touch’ ritual gently ends the massage and the treatment concludes with a deliciously infused herbal tea to complement the nature of the enriching experience.  Escape and float away to your devine destination with the perfectly tailor made treatment and indulge your 5 senses with the calming and comforting glow of a candle, the captivating sound of Tingsha Bells, Koshi chimes and crystal singing bowls music, the luxurious scent and warmth from the oil, a delicious herbal tea and the expert touch of your Therapist’s hands.

The treatment can be further enhanced with the luxurious warmth of the Therma Bliss collection including Lava Shells, Cowrie Shells, Molten Lava Stones, ThermaMask, Therma Herbal Poultice and nourishing Parafin wax hand and foot masks.

The company also has plans to work in collaboration with its team of wellbeing experts in the UK and abroad, bringing its community together for further personal enrichment, and is excited to announce the exclusive launch of the Sensory Retreats Mandala Flow in December at the Stoke Park Hotel & Spa in Buckinghamshire.  The Mandala Flow massage is an extraordinary treatment to evoke serenity and mindfulness, devised in co-operation with Wellness Specialist to the stars, Candice Pennington.  Launching first at Stoke Park Spa, this multi-sensory ritual, blending together Eastern and Western techniques creates an unsurpassable massage that takes you into a heightened state of tranquility touching upon each of your senses. Drawing upon advanced massage techniques, harnessing the power of flowing, using deep yet gentle strokes your therapist guides your mind, body and spirit into a meditative state of relaxation integrating sound and the organic coconut oil, Sensory Retreats Pure.

Anna Thomas, Spa Director at Stoke Park Spa says “I am so excited to be welcoming Sensory Retreats into Stoke Park Spa. A spa experience should awaken all of your senses and ensure you take a moment to stop and refresh and I feel that the new oils and treatments from Sensory Retreats deliver this perfectly. The Mandala Flow massage is pure heaven and really delivers what a spa experience should for you.  We are delighted to be having the treatment exclusively at Stoke Park and are excited to welcome our spa guests to enjoy it with us.”

The Sensory Retreats experience starts in the spa but extends to a range of retail products to enable spa guests to continue enjoying the benefits of their Sensory Retreats journey at home or on their travels providing the ability to take some much needed “me” time every day.

Announcing the launch of Sensory Retreats, Founder, Clare Anderson says “The need to retreat from daily life, if even for a moment has become increasingly important and necessary for our emotional and mental self-care. From my own experience working with over 2,000 UK spas and developing product lines, I didn’t feel that traditional spa massage treatments and aftercare which work on just one or two of the senses were fully providing this solution.  As a result Sensory Retreats was born, a collection of holistic wellbeing treatments, products and experiences from around the world which envelops all 5 of our senses, cocooning the user into their own mini retreat whether this is in spa, at home or on location.”

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