Introducing SOFRI

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It’s always good to see a new skincare brand arrive in the UK and especially one that combines holistic healing with the most advanced cosmeceuticals.

SOFRI Energy Cosmetics is a unique cosmeceutical skincare system that harnesses the power of colour energy. Combining holistic healing with science, SOFRI has discovered the beautifying and energising effect of colours on the body, mind and spirit for holistic cosmetology. Originating from Austria, known for its rich heritage in wellness and developed by Sonja Fritz, a CIDESCO holistic cosmetologist, the brand has already seen success elsewhere with a total of 172 clinics, salons and spas globally.

Launching this autumn in Knightsbridge based luxury Medispa, Ivo Venturi, the colourful product and retail holistic cosmeceutical line requires no minimum package for spas and is a reasonably priced yet results-driven range.

Developed with the current scientific knowledge of colour therapy and traditional age-old wisdom of colour energies, the daily use of SOFRI Energy Cosmetics has a harmonising, activating and calming effect on the skin and wellbeing. Chakra teachings observe and understand the individual holistically, physiologically, psychologically and energetically. If there is a disharmony in the chakras, the energy centres along the central axis of the body, it is evidently apparent on the skin. Colours help to balance out these energy deficits and blockages in the chakras and therefore help to find a balance for optimum skin health.

Containing plant extracts of the highest quality and natural organic substances obtained biotechnologically, SOFRI combines the vitality of nature with resources from science. With carefully selected ingredients based on their purity, natural components, efficacy, tolerability and energy potential, SOFRI provides a results-driven skincare regime tailored to the individual. Developed by dermatologists, the range is suitable for all skin types, vegan and free from parabens, mineral oil and microplastics.

“We are delighted to be launching SOFRI Energy Cosmetics to the UK market. The combination of proven science with holistic healing is something new for the industry and we are excited to be at the forefront of this. The product line has been carefully developed to ensure it tackles specific skin concerns but also heal the soul, mind and spirit” – Julia Ribinska, SOFRI UK Distributor.