Katara Beach Club

Doha, Qatar’s dynamic, stylish city and rising sports capital opens the doors to its new luxury wellness location, Katara Beach Club by LivNordic Spa & Wellness. Combining serene hospitality, stylish Scandinavian design and holistic treatments, Katara Beach Club has been designed to offer a club & spa experience beyond the ordinary and to allow guests to reach a deep and authentic level of personal wellbeing.  

Located amongst Doha’s luxury hotels and apartments, Katara Beach Club offers an authentic Scandinavian wellness experience created by LivNordic, Raison d’Etre’s unique luxury hotel and wellbeing spa brand. The brand new spa and wellness club is situated in Katara Cultural Village, an area rich in diverse global influence, reflecting Katara Beach Club’s own eclectic fusion of styles and sophisticated clientele.

Katara Beach Club seamlessly blends cultures to create a unique wellness experience in the extraordinary 4600msq club. Combining the elegance of Middle Eastern hospitality with modern Nordic design and traditional wellness practices, Katara Beach Club allows guests to embrace the sense of wellbeing that Scandinavian counties are renowned for. The Club is open to day guests as well as members, helping residents of the ever-changing city to discover how simple, yet effective, wellness can be.

Elements of Middle Eastern culture are respected in the spa, where men and women are able to enjoy separate facilities on their own floors. Equally, natural green walls, timbers, coppers and plants bring the Nordic passion for nature to the forefront of the spa’s design. Relaxation areas are inspired by the Aurora Borealis natural light display and are complete with a traditional log fire, enveloping guests in a sense of ultimate tranquillity.

On both floors, guests will find saunas, salt rooms and Nordic Bathing Suites, where the age-old Nordic tradition of pairing a thermal experience with an ice-cold contrast emulates feelings of peace and stillness. Katara Beach Club is also home to Qatar’s first ever Snow Grotto, where peaceful ice rooms aglow with ambient lighting bring a sense of authentic Scandinavian living to the city.

The expansive gym houses state-of-the-art equipment, all of which aims to introduce guests to the Nordic concept of functional movement – a method of exercising that supports and develops the strength and movements required during our lives and helps guests reach their optimum performance every day. Overlooking 230 metres of private beach filled with cabanas, beach bags and loungers, the gym is perfectly crafted to enhance all aspects of health and wellbeing. 

Katara Beach Club is LivNordic’s fifth location to open, joining Viking Ocean Cruise’s Viking Star Cruise Ship, Viking Sea Cruise Ship, Viking Sky Cruise Ship and Viking Ocean Sun Cruise Ship.