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Latest in Beauty & Wellness Trends

Working in wellness communications we’re fortunate to meet some of the most innovative people and businesses who are helping to make our own lives easier, healthier and happier.  Knowing what’s trending and is appealing to an audience similar to your own, can often be used to the advantage of your own campaigns.  We’ve therefore rounded up some of the latest beauty and wellness trends from Trend Hunter’s 2021 Report and news updates to inspire us all.

Serum Hybrid – multi-purpose cosmetics are coming in serum-based formulas to enhance both the appearance of the face, as well as the benefits the products are intended to have. These cosmetic serum hybrids include everything from liquid blush to highlighting pens.

Q: How are you helping your customers streamline their routines?

Reusable Care – Reusable skincare products are on the rise as brands look to reduce the amount of waste their products produce. Examples include everything from facial cleansing pads to reusable silicone face masks.

Q: How can your brand empower customers to reduce their environmental impact?

Upcycled Root – Brands interested in entering and advancing in the cannabis market are looking for untapped ingredient potential. Cannabis root and hemp root, which have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine, are gaining popularity for their health benefits, as well as their sustainability for they are often upcycled.

Q: What upcycled ingredient can your brand use?

Home Professional –  Brands are introducing comfortable fashion items, designed to support consumers at home. These products are not only packed with performance-driven features— from quick-drying fabrics to flexible constructions—but they are also made to be stylish.  These include comfy quick dry bath robes and luxury stay at home footwear.

Q:  What can you do to increase your customer comfort?

Wearable purification devices – as the pandemic continues to influence consumer hygiene habits and personal space, these devices are becoming increasingly popular.  These can remove particles like dust, smoke, allergens and odours within your breathing space.

Q: How is your brand addressing changing consumer habits?

Skin Hunger – designers are proposing solutions that address the absence of physical. The term “skin hunger” is a phenomenon popularised during the pandemic and it’s prompted by the lack of physical touch. In turn, designers are showcasing various concepts and products that simulate hugging or other actions that bring comfort and help people feel less lonely. Examples include hug simulating vests and weighted blankets.

Q: Consider how you can bring additional comfort to your customers

Super Aronia – It seems that each year there’s a new superfood and in 2021 it’s Aronia berries, also known as chokeberry.  Apparently they contain high levels of antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyanins which help to support a healthy immune system.  Expect to see them arriving as dietary supplements, raw powders and wellness beverages.

Q: how can you help your customers focus on preventative healthcare?