Latest in Fitness Trends

Latest in Fitness Trends

With many of us using the last few months to focus on our fitness, from at-home workouts to new outdoor sports, e.g. cycling, running, there has been an influx in fitness searches. A key example of this is for the search of “Stomach exercises at home” which increased by an astonishing 3,750%.

At Spa PR, we love to use statistics and data insights within our stories and strategy. This helps to create a humanized element and provide context or reasoning to these searches.

Google Trends is a fantastic free resource which businesses can utilize. This can help shape research and can be tailored depending on your topic and business area.

To dig deeper into the fitness trends, we conducted a search into popular fitness terms to see what they revealed for the UK market over the past 30 days.

From cycling, weight loss to stomach exercises at home, we found a handful of insightful trends which can help identify key focus areas for product businesses.

These searches include:

  • Cycling + 300%
  • Dumbbell +250%
  • Stomach exercises at home +3,750%
  • Home back workout +400%

To discover our full version of our findings, download our Latest in Fitness Trends brochure on our website.