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Latest PR & Marketing Insights

Each week we issue a round-up of the latest PR & Marketing developments and insights relevant to our niche of spa, beauty and wellbeing and share them with our subscribers.  You can sign up via this link for the most current updates but here are just some of the insights from the past few weeks.

  1. 4.3 stars sells more than 4.9 stars
  2. Great copywriting is a real skill and in PR it can be the making or breaking of a story.  We loved this article from Marketing Examples which includes 17 tips for great copywriting and every one of them is a winner.  Don’t forget to watch the video at the end to find out what happens when you choose the slippery slide route!
  3. When not to re-use quotes from a travel writer
  4. Product attitudes and sales increase when you show a hand touching your product.  The power of touch
  5. How to use WhatsApp for business
  6. 6 ways to target the over 50’s and why we should be aligning our online and offline activity
  7. LinkedIn has added newsletters for company pages

We hope you find them useful for your own marketing.