Most popular Beauty Searches


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Most popular Beauty Searches


At Spa PR we love stats and Google Trends is one of our favourite.  Stats are brilliant for marketing because they enable us to make informed decisions on the best way to sell our products or services. They really can be the difference between a hugely successful marketing campaign and one which has absolutely no effect on your potential customers.

As a beauty PR agency we often tell our stories through stats, using data insights to support our point of view and provide answers to complex questions that can help inform and shape behaviour.  Some businesses will be able to conduct their own research to produce new statistics but for others, there are a plethora of sources, some of which are free.  In addition to Google Trends, some of our other favourites include: Answer the Public and Statista.

For example, this month we looked at Google Trends in four areas of beauty and this is what they revealed for the UK market over the past 30 days:

Search:  NAILS

Nail art + 110%

French manicure kit + 140%

White nail polish + 110%

Nail varnish sets + 250%

Rainbow nails + 250%



Eyelash + 300%

How long do eyebrows take to grow back – 180%

Best eyelash curler – 110%

Hydrating eye cream – 180%



“what does toner do” + 50%

Dead skin remover + 400%

Cleanser and toner + 180%

Anti-aging cream – 100%



Bathtub  + 60%

Epsom salt bath + 80%

Spa + 90%

Ice bath + 100%

Bath bomb + 350%


If you are a beauty or wellbeing brand selling any products in these categories, this means you’re going to have greater success marketing and selling these products now than perhaps others in your collection.  They can also provide the basis for press releases, newsletters, social media posts and even blog posts 🙂

If you need any help finding some statistics to support your brand, then do please get in touch.


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