Raison d’Etre


With a life long love of anything Scandinavian and particularly their skill for design and wellness, we are very proud to be working with the prestigious spa consultancy and development company, Raison d’Etre and its subsidiary brands: Liv Nordic and Spa Business Education.

Raison d’Etre was actually founded in London but now has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden where wellness is incorporated into every element of the company and team. Known as the ‘brand behind the brand’, Raison d’Etre has been behind some of the finest spa brands in the world including Six Senses, Aman Spas, Jiva Spa at Taj Hotels, Resense, The Spa at Kempinkski and its own Nordic spa brand, LivNordic.

Lead by Anna Bjurstam, an inspirational leader in the global spa industry who is also Vice President of Six Senses Spas and a founding member of the Global Wellness Summit, Raison d’Etre has become the ‘go to’ brand for any operators looking to create a top end spa and wellness brand.


LivNordic is a lifestyle choice that embraces a natural way of living and the simplicity of design found in Nordic countries. At its heart lies the wisdom of the Nordic health traditions which draw inspiration from a love of nature, creativity and contrasts of culture. These dynamics are reflected in the design, treatments and services offered at all LivNordic Spas and allow guests to explore just how simple wellness can be – The Nordic Way.


Education is at the heart of a successful spa which is why in 2012 Raison d’Etre founded the Spa Business Education programme offering a range of online courses taught by its experienced spa professionals and educators. For beauty or spa professionals looking to further their careers in the industry, Spa Business Education offers its popular Spa Management Program in addition to specific skills such as Spa Finance, Marketing, PR & Social Media, Leadership, Group Dynamics & Conflict Management and Strategic Human Capital Management.

We look forward to bringing you their news and views as Raison d’Etre introduces exciting new innovations and developments in 2017.