Seasonal Twist

Working in PR I’m always on the look out for products or services which can upgrade the guest experience for our spa clients and provide a story. It’s not often that something arrives through the post which makes us sit up and take notice but the Giant Deckchair did!

Timing your mail shots and having the right message is the key to success and following a sunny weekend with Instagrammers showcasing their outdoor activities, the Giant Deckchair postcard arrived on my desk inviting me to enjoy the great outdoors in my very own branded version. Who could resist?

With Titanic Spa having just undergone a beautiful new refurb including the perfect outdoors space with the perfect space for a Giant Deckchair, an order was made. Within 2 weeks, the Titanic Spa Giant Deckchair was in place at the Yorkshire spa as a star accessory and spa guests enjoying it, whatever the weather.

Popsicles compressed

The Giant Deckchair plays the star role in our summer PR campaign for Titanic Spa which also includes adult alcoholic popsicles and unicorn milkshakes. Who could resist?