Six Top Tips for Reducing Stress

Through this period of uncertainty around the Coronavirus, many of us will be feeling stressed and anxious. This is where normally we’d recommend you book in for some form of stress relieving treatment or a spa day to fully relax. However, with our spas and salons currently closed, it’s important we take some of the wellbeing elements of ‘spa’ and all follow a good quality self-care routine at home. Not only does this help to calm the mind and relax the body, but in turn this helps boost our immunity which is vitally important to our health. The wrong kind of stress is never a good thing. Therefore we’ve gathered together several simple stress-reducing activities that you can do to make your day a little brighter and more peaceful. In the meantime, we wish you all well.

1. Have a relaxing bath

A long, relaxing soak in the bath can do wonders, not only for physical health but can mentally recharge you after a long day. Add some relaxing essential oil such as lavender or geranium into your tub or some soothing bath salts, such as Westlab’s Mindful Salts which contain a mix of Epsom and Himalayan salts with Frankincense and Bergamot , to help you feel even more calm and ready for a good night’s rest.

2. Re-create a Salon Manicure

Whilst local nail salons may have closed for the foreseeable future, there’s no need to fret as you can easily re-create an at-home manicure using the many free online tutorials. Before any colour application, make sure you nourish the nail and cuticles by applying cuticle oil and a fortifying base coat, such as Mavala’s Mava Strong.

With your nails ready for a splash of colour, choose an uplifting shade which can boost your mood such as a coral or a sunshine yellow. Always make sure you complete your manicure with a top coat as this will make it long-lasting and provide a glossy salon-like finish.

3. Clean your home!

“Tidy House, Tidy Mind” The common mantra is more true than ever at the moment. It’s safe to say, the psychological impact of cleaning and decluttering is extremely beneficial to our mindset. With spring having arrived in true force, why not take this time for a spot of spring cleaning choosing a different room each day? It will not only make you feel better inside, contributes to your daily exercise, but is also a great chore to boost productivity!

4. Have a nutritious meal or energising smoothie

When you’re spending more time at home try to stick to a regular meal plan. A balanced, healthy diet can leave you feeling uplifted and energised during the day, as opposed to lethargic and low.

Try making a delicious smoothie filled with mood boosting ingredients such as blueberries, bananas and green leafy vegetables. These are easy to make and you can adapt easily to the ingredients you have available. All you’ll need are the ingredients and a blender. With plenty of combinations to try, use this period to discover your new favourite recipe!

5. Take a breath of fresh air

Although we are limited in opportunities for outside breaks, it’s important to get fresh air where possible. Whether you simply sit in the garden or go for a walk in your neighbourhood, this can help your mind feel clearer and lighter.

It’s advised to spent at least twenty minutes a day outdoors to soak up nature and breathe in the fresh air, especially while the sunshine is here! This can have fantastic health benefits including stress relief, boosting mental health and improving blood pressure.


6. Create a relaxing space at home

At-home surroundings can play a huge role in our stress levels. Especially during this period, most of us will be at home for longer lengths of time, perhaps with extended family who have moved in, so creating a relaxing space is vital to keep your mind positive.

Dedicate one area in your home to your space where you can relax to read, mediate, practice yoga or just simply to think. You will soon feel the benefits of compartmentalising these areas. Especially if you are working from home, it’s important to separate the work life and home life where you can.