SoraBelle – Korean Beauty

SoraBelle – Korean Beauty

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A growing thirst for Korean Beauty has led to the launch of, a new luxury lifestyle website by Vicky Lee, a Korean Beauty & Lifestyle blogger living in London.

Vicky Lee, who was born and raised in Seoul, Korea learned the importance of skincare at an early age. When she moved to the U.S. to pursue a master’s degree at Cornell University, she quickly realized how difficult it was to find her favorite skincare products outside of Korea. After Cornell, she moved to San Francisco to launch a software company in Silicon Valley before eventually settling in London. Despite all her travels around the U.S. and Europe, she’s yet to find any country with the same passion and advanced technologies for skincare as Korea.

That’s why, after her Silicon Valley career, she decided to finally focus on her true passion: helping women naturally achieve the flawless complexion they deserve, at any age. “My goal is to make the very best skincare products Korea has to offer accessible to every woman throughout the world.”

SoraBelle is the result of Vicky’s knowledge and research where she shares the latest insights and innovations behind the Korean skincare philosophy and living a healthy lifestyle. With regular trips to Korea, Vicky personally hunts down the hottest, most innovative and effective skincare products that come out of the country’s high-tech laboratories. Only products formulated with gentle state-of-the-art ingredients and with top notch quality make it into her selection.

“Many people ask me what I do to achieve a smooth, flawless glow, especially now that I’m 40 years old with four young daughters. You’d think that with such a big family, finding time for a beauty regime would be impossible, but I make sure to take at least a few minutes each morning and night to look after myself. That’s because I believe every woman deserves to feel young and beautiful, no matter your age or how busy life gets.”