Sound Baths

Stressed out Londoners who have never quite mastered the art of meditation or feel in need of a digital detox, can now simply lie back and relax as they ‘bathe’ their minds and bodies in the symphony and soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowls and planetary gongs.

We’re delighted to be working with the Crystal Sound Lounge, London’s first gong and crystal sound bath studio.

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Opening in a sophisticated new studio in Central London close to Paddington Station, The Crystal Sound Lounge offers sound baths to individuals, groups and corporates with some of the UK’s top ‘sound bath’ specialists. The results achieved are comparable to meditation and mindfulness, but with no effort required on behalf of the participant. The sound does all the work.

How does it work?

Clients participate by simply “lying down, listening and letting go” while a sound specialist plays a series of instruments including gongs and crystal bowls. The client is surrounded by the sounds and vibrations which affect brain wave activity resulting in a deep sense of wellbeing and calm. The combination of pure quartz crystal bowls, alchemy crystal bowls infused with precious metals and gongs allows the sound specialist to deliver a profound relaxation experience which taps into the different levels of human psychology.

This peaceful yet powerful therapy is particular to each person with some reporting a feeling of being cleansed from head to toe while others finding that certain ‘sound notes’ resonate with specific parts of their body evoking a range of emotions.  Some people fall asleep while others float from note to note with nothing more on their mind than enjoying the moment.

Sound therapy has been used in healing for thousands of years. It aids stress reduction by gently easing you into a state of meditation. Many clients experience profound relaxation and physical release, some see images and colours. Other benefits are achieving deep peace, leaving the participant with greater mental clarity and for many -the best night’s sleep they’ve had in years.

Founder, Laura Franses

This sonic ‘massage’ has been launched by Londoner, Laura Franses, a serial entrepreneur who, prior  to starting the Crystal Sound Lounge, held a senior executive position at Channel Four Television as well as co-founding an Emmy-winning TV production company.  Laura holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.  In 2017, Laura developed a rare eye condition triggered by excessive screen time and was forced to stop looking at any form of screen for two months.  During this time she tried yoga, mindfulness and meditation, but found these practices hard to master and difficult to truly relax. Finally, she discovered in Mexico, a crystal singing bowl session and decided to try it. Within 10 minutes she felt a profound sense of peace like never before. When Laura came back to the UK, she was unable to find a place that offered sound baths so she decided to set up a centre herself, bringing sound healing to a wider audience seeking new forms of relaxation in a sophisticated setting.

Individual and private hire sound-baths are increasingly popular options which are arranged around the client’s schedule and needs. Group sound-baths are typically 45 mins long and held 3 times a week at the Paddington Studio with up to 15 people per session.  Participants are provided with comfortable mats, pillows and fluffy blankets.

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