wellness trends collage

The latest wellness product trends

With 2020 proving challenging on the world’s wellbeing, many individuals have struggled with the lifestyle transitions set in place. Whilst many have had to face a quick transition to their working environment, from office life to working from home, this can be a difficult adjustment especially on mental health.  Therefore, it is not surprising to report that since lockdown begun, UK sales of sleep aids and wellness products have increased by 219 percent.

As a leading London PR agency in our sector, at Spa PR, we value statistics within our marketing and PR strategy. Using statistics and data insights within our stories can create a humanized element and provide answers to complex questions. There is a plethora of free resources available for businesses, some of which are free. We find Google Trends a fantastic resource to help shape our research as you are able to search for almost any topic and business area.

To dig deeper into the wellness products trends, we looked at four key areas of wellness and what they revealed for the UK market over the past 30 days. From vitamins, aromatherapy and fitness to stress relief, we found insightful trends which can help identify key focus areas for product businesses.

These searches include:

  • CBD oil benefits +150%
  • How to use gua sha + 140%
  • Exercise equipment +140%
  • Do resistance bands work +200%
  • Natural Sleep Aid +110%

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