instagram influencers

The Power of Influencers

Would you like to increase your Instagram followers immediately by thousands? Generate tons more visitors and enquiries to your website? Increase your brand awareness and give it an edge over your competitors? And become the most visited content on a national lifestyle website which has over 500k visitors?

These are just some of the results we have generated in September for our clients through celebrity and influencer relations activity.

Unlike influencer marketing which involves paid-for collaborations, influencer relations is similar to media relations. Both require a need to develop trusted relationships but with influencers you’re likely to find people with a shared and often passionate interest in your subject matter. This might be an interest in beauty, a wellness lifestyle, natural therapies or simply a mission to encourage more people to self-care.

Establishing relationships with influencers is critical. Rather than consider them as platforms for your brand, think of them as being partners and collaborators. If you can form a genuine relationship with them you can benefit from long term support, authentic testimonials and become an important part of their own community.

So identify your influencers, nurture and value them and see how these relationships lead onto greater business success.