Tribe517 launches new gender-neutral product line: The ONE Collection

Tribe517 launches new gender-neutral product line: The ONE Collection

Tribe517, the UK’s natural and sustainable artisan spa brand founded by experienced holistic spa therapist, Claire Caddick, has launched The ONE Collection, a new range of products that are gender-neutral, sustainable, contain no nut oil derivatives, and are multi-tasking.

The ONE Collection has been developed in response to extensive therapist feedback.  This trio of products are inclusive for all comprising an oil, a cream and a scrub. The products embody the ethos of Tribe517 which champions skinimalism and delivering wellness and the spa experience in spa and at home. The three products are simple and effective, made to be used together as well as individually. The collection is gender-neutral in fragrance, sustainable in its packaging, and suitable for all skin types, including those sensitive to allergens.

The three products are created to work together in harmony as they are all derivatives of the same blend of superfood oils; Cabbage Seed and Avocado, plus Tribe517’s heritage essential oil combination of Sweet Orange Helichrysum and Vanilla which delivers intense vitamins A, C, E and omega oils. This blend offers the skin radiance, nourishment, accelerated healing properties and generally promotes healthy skin, with anti-oxidant qualities slowing the ageing process.  The fragrance delivers a feel-good mood, delivering the ‘warm & happy’ feeling that is experienced following a spa treatment

With Tribe517’s spa partners reporting that customers favour the original Tribe517 fragrance (as well as skin benefits), this range mirrors the recipe with the exact essential oils. The scent, the application, and the results are designed to help create a ‘spa feel’ at home every day.

The ONE Collection


One Oil  £32. 200ML

This is the mother formula that can be used for the face and body. This oil is best used on damp skin for a silky-smooth massage and the rich, smooth application is ideal for facial cleansing. Being a multitasker, it can also be used to remove makeup, in the bath as a in-shower moisturiser and a fantastic shaving medium.





One Cream £35 100ML

The One Cream is a hydrating and gentle 24hour moisturiser for all skin types blended with the One oil and whipped with cocoa butter giving the recognisable tribe517 white chocolate fragrance. Used for the face and body this cream contains no water so a tiny bit goes a long way.  Use as a soothing cream for the face and décolleté, or on particularly dry areas of the body. This cream is also perfect for on the go and can be used on the hands and cuticles, tips of hair that has dry, split end or for smoothing de-frizzing effect.




One Scrub £32 100ML

The One Scrub is the cream formula with the addition of a generous helping of natural coconut sugar, giving off a toffee-like scent. Gentle but effective, this scrub can be used on both the face and body. The polishing scrub sloughs away dead skin but also melts into the skin, making it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins.  Apply onto the face or body when skin is dry for the best effect. As it melts during use, it can be used for ingrown hairs and beard areas.




Announcing the launch of Tribe517’s One Collection, founder, Claire Caddick says “The whole thinking behind the ONE collection is simple spa, and how important it is to make the spa feeling available and affordable for the spas and everyone at home.  It’s not a question of simply removing makeup or moisturising the skin any longer, we need to provide an ingenious way of enhancing our emotions with body and skin care and in turn, help maintain a healthy mindset too”


Packaged in recyclable amber glass with a classic look of the apothecary, Tribe517 recognises the need for more sustainable products to be available within the spa industry. The ONE collection will be available from Tribe517’s spa partners and online shop from end of March.

Tribe517 is treatments are available in 15 leading UK spas including Moddershall Oaks, The Wave Garden Spa, Breedon Priory, Manor House Alsager and Weaver’s House Spa.