Video Content Made Easy

According to latest research, 87% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool which has risen considerably in just the past year.  While most of us only search out video on You Tube or a ‘How to’ video search on google, posting a good video on your social media channels can increase your audience engagement and build a better rapport with them.

If you’ve been slightly nervous of using video or thought creating video content was expensive or hugely time consuming then think again.  As with any content, you need to work out what your goal is and then plan ahead.  We also advise batch filming so you produce a number of videos in one go which will save time in the long term.

So here are our five ways you can incorporate video into your content calendar relatively pain free!

  1. Photo Slide

Ok, this seems quite old school but creating a Powerpoint around your brand and turning it into a video can still be effective.  Keep it short and specific, maybe providing answers to queries you often receive from your customers or going into greater detail on product ingredients or causes which you support.

  1. GIF Apps

Unboxing videos have proved extremely popular and are some of the simplest videos to shoot.  You can even use one of the free GIF apps such as GIF Maker to do this using a series of photos. Great for those videos where you want to show one product appearing after another.

  1. Behind the Scenes

Whether it’s the arrival of new product, a look at new packaging, your location or simply seeing everyone hard at work, people are fascinated by what is going on behind a brand.  Keep it tightly focussed ie opening a box of products, laying out everything for a treatment or simply filming an element linked to your brand such as gentle waves breaking or wind through the trees rather than trying to incorporate too much.

  1. Interviews

In a quiet space set up a little studio and interview your staff. This could be asking them to say why they like a particular product or treatment or simply finding out more about them so they become more familiar and connected to your audience.

  1. How-to

How-to videos are among the most popular on You Tube with searches up 70% year on year. From how to cleanse, make-up, learn a new skill, there’s a how-to video to cover just about everything.  These also present a great opportunity for you to promote your experts and expertise.  If you prefer not to feature anyone in particular, then you could simply achieve this by using products and text.

So don’t delay, start shooting your videos and connecting more fully with your audiences.