hand holding a black friday sign

Why you should choose value over price

Just a week to go until it’s Black Friday when many brands will be offering promoted sales of their products.  Here’s the question though!  Do you join in and discount your product or service or do you twist it around and find ways of adding value to your customers?  Today value, not price is what counts!

For many of our clients at Spa PR, it’s the value option that is going to prove most beneficial to their business and also this is what often makes for more a more interesting and engaging marketing campaign.  We’ve therefore put together a list of 12 ways you can add value this Black Friday and beyond.

  1. Group your products or services together to make an exclusive gift set or package. There’s already savings for you in doing this and it’s a great way of reaching new customers.  Think of M&S’s Dine in for 2 for £10!
  2. Inspire your customers. Create your own Gift Lists for specific members of the family and friends to help them with their Christmas shopping.
  3. Offer a free gift when someone spends over a certain amount.
  4. Create a limited offer. If you’re launching something new create a limited offer which is only available to the first 30, 50, 100 customers.
  5. Offer a free gift wrapping
  6. Offer free delivery.
  7. Give them a small token gift card when they spend over a certain amount on another gift card. This will encourage them to spend again with you.
  8. Host a competition Giveaway where everyone who buys something from you gets entered into a draw for someone to win a great prize.
  9. Make an exclusive offer to your email list prior to Black Friday.
  10. Partner with another brand and offer one of their products as a gift when a customer buys a certain amount from you.
  11. Offer a free trial. If you have a service offer a free trial and maybe consider adding ‘live’ element to the Black Friday weekend.
  12. VIP signed message. If you have a VIP founder or partnership with a celebrity/influencer, ask them to write a ‘feel good’ message to send to a limited number of your customers with their goods.